The Smith Family

(L to R)  Rachel, Katie, Kristen, JoAnne, Randy

Welcome to our website! We're the Randy Smith Family, and we've been independent Baptist missionaries to Japan since 1990, and are sent under the authority of Independent Baptist Church of Ramsey, MN. We've designed this website to give glory to God for His work in our lives, and to be a helpful resource page for you to use in reaching out to Japanese people with the gospel message that Jesus saves. Please freely and prayerfully use the materials you find on the website. It is our prayer that God will use it to bring souls to Christ.

We came to Japan as a young family with 3 small children, Preston, Rachel, and Emilie, on September 18, 1990, working with a veteran missionary for 2 years on the northern island of Hokkaido, in the northernmost city of Wakkanai. We spent those first two years in concentrated language and cultural study, in preparation for our future ministry, and helping in the church where we could. While living in Wakkanai, we were blessed with our 4th child, Ann.

In September 1992, after two years in Wakkanai, we moved three hours south to the city of Nayoro, a city with approx. 27,000 souls who need the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Nayoro we began a new church-planting work, the Inmanueru Seisho Baputesuto Kyoukai (Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church), that we trust will one day grow into a fully indigenous New Testament Baptist Church. While we have been in Nayoro, God has blessed us with two more daughters, Katie and Kristen.

We praise God that we can serve Him here in this land together as a family, and we view the training of our own children as one of the most important aspects of our ministry in Japan. With the ungodly teachings of evolution, sex education, as well as much of the cultural idolatry permeating the public school system of Japan, we choose to have our children in homeschool, and look for other activities apart from school as a means of contact with the Japanese.

God has used our children many times to open doors of contact with unsaved Japanese in our city, and it's a joy to us as parents to have our children as co-laborers with us in this ministry. 

We thank God for the wonderful spouses God has given to our children thus far:

Preston and Abi, married November 15, 2008. They live in the Baltimore, MD area.

Ann married James Kotvas, May 15, 2018. They are preparing to be missionaries in Peru.

Emilie married Nick Stoll, May 19, 2018. They are preparing to be missionaries in Nepal.